The Best Effects of Parallax Scrolling

For those who have not come across the concept yet, parallax scrolling is a computer graphic effect whereby background images tend to move past the camera slower than the pictures on the foreground do. Parallax scrolling is the reason behind the immersion effect; you get in a virtual experience. More so, in a 2D scene, it creates an illusion of depth.

While the parallel effect remains a hot topic in graphic design, it has a few limitations. It does not always work on mobile devices. Below are the best effects in parallax scrolling.

Encourage Scrolling

Parallax effects make users interact with a design for a more extended period because it encourages scrolling. If you look around, you will notice that designs that have a parallax effect cannot miss a ‘scroll’ button. An excellent example of such websites is The Walking Dead website. The design uses parallax to cue the user to interact further. As a result, the scrolling takes the user across the screen as opposed to up and down movement.

Show change

The other effect of parallax scrolling worth a mention is showing change. By layering movement, parallax scrolling technique can show a difference in space, location and time. The effect is best used to show changes as one works with the content of a given website. For instance, there is sonance which shows a change in the location throughout a design.

Simplify complex information

The other effect of parallax scrolling is that it breaks down complex information, or better still makes massive blocks of information smaller and more readable. What happens is that instead of moving the type, containers holding the type are instead moved.

Movement and color

Parallax scrolling can help you improve your visuals. This is through the movement of colors through different panels to showcase portfolio projects. Through color change, you create an alluring effect. With that, it is easy for you to introduce something new and at the same time capture the attention of the viewers or users.


One of the best parallax effects is being able to imagine something that one would otherwise not see on ordinary occasions. This has allowed the creation of more realistic experiences in different designs. This creates an adventurous experience minus the animated effects.

If you have a website, you need to incorporate parallax scrolling. You can make a comparison between a website that has parallax effects and one that does not. There is a massive difference in the experience derived from the sites. With the help of a parallax scrolling software, your job should be pretty easy. It is something you can do even in the move; all you need is an open VPN portable to be able to connect to your local network.